Kara’s Collection: I know this guy...

From an article originally posted January 16, 2013…

I know this guy who loves Jesus in such a way he helps us all to calm down a bit. This particular gentleman can calmly lead a group with grace and conviction. I love listening to the teachings of this man as I get to see how he lives it behind closed doors. I have known far too many men that live duplicitous lives.

Last week this man was dealt another blow. First, he had to witness his bride head back for major surgery and come out in agony, but then he was informed the journey was not yet over.

Many nights he comes to bed to a tearful wife asking if this will ever end. He is gentle and confident. He takes time to listen and pray for his wife in the midst of his own weariness. He is battle worn, and that is what makes him so gentle.

Jason deals with stress like no one I have ever met. He takes it to Jesus. He rests deeply in that place. I can see an edge build on him if he hasn’t had time alone to rest and pray at the feet of Jesus. We have faced many difficult days, and his gentle nurture of our family in those days has been such a gift.

I have days where I feel like I won’t see the end of this. I struggle to find my way back to peace. I have moments of despair and frustration after months of illness. But then I get to place those fears at the foot of an ever-loving God. I get to rest knowing if I don’t, in fact, see the end of this, I know my children will be nurtured and loved so well by this man. It gives me great peace knowing God loves my children so well that he brought us into such a loving community as well as given them a daddy with such grace in his loving.

In the midst of the hard of this day, I’m so thankful I enter my appointment with this man at my side. Last night this man rubbed my back as I vomited once again, he eased me into bed and prayed for rest to come in the midst of my pain. He calmly assists in my care and the care of the children without being asked. His gentle leading of this motley crew has gotten us through this long season of hard.

What are you thankful for in the midst of your hard this day?