Kara’s Collection: More Kissing in 2013! Who’s with me?

From an article originally posted January 1, 2013…

I have goals for the year to come. I have hopes for the year to come, but resolution? That just doesn’t sound like me. However, I certainly have hopes and dreams for this coming year.

And in the new year I resolve to do a few things…

More slow dancing with my man.

More Etta James.

More live music.

On one of my blog posts at the bottom there was a sentence: Find your man and kiss him for 30 seconds once a day. I have gotten away from that. More surprise kisses in the new year.

Less worry. Less anxiety. Less fear.

More living near to Jesus and trusting Him with my moments. That and kissing, and beating cancer. I think that’s enough.

Are you with me? Are you ready for more kissing and Etta James in the new year?