Kara’s Collection: Cupcake Love

From an article originally posted November 15, 2012…

Similar to my fixated desire to buy my kids lunch boxes, I have a need to bake cupcakes for Lake’s classroom for his birthday. Facing another birthday, I realize I don’t have the strength I had for Harper Joy’s birthday. It’s hard noticing the difference, but I have also noticed some amazing things today while baking these important cupcakes. God knew Harper was my child that loves the house full of people as much as her mama. He also knew Lake would love the weekend we have planned to celebrate him. Like with Harper Joy, many are coming together to celebrate Lake. He gets an Air Force football game with his daddy, a birthday breakfast with our family, and a sweet new ride (hopefully, we haven’t found it yet).

And he gets classroom cupcakes.

Here is another beautiful thing I just realized coming in my kitchen to bake this afternoon. First, I could hardly find a thing. This made my heart sing. Guess why? I have had friend after friend make themselves home in my kitchen. I had only been in residence one month before I found out I have cancer. I’m so thankful for the friends who have navigated my kitchen. I know someday I will know the home of my kitchen scissors, but I am so happy to hunt them out today.

I cannot tell you all the importance of dinner to our family. You all have made our family dinner possible. Some days I’m spending the day trying to get the strength to make it to the table. If you know me, you know I love to cook. What I have learned in this season of life is that I love the people around the table. I thought it would be hard to give up the cooking, and honestly, sometimes it has been, but more than cooking for my family, is being with my family.

I have pulled my grandmas stool into the kitchen so I can make Lake his cupcakes. He chose pumpkin chip with cream cheese frosting.

I look forward to sharing the weekend of grace we will have celebrate our most special newest 6 year old son.

Praise be, I completed yesterday’s goal! Now, off to kiss and hug on my Lake!