Kara’s Collection: Ordination

From an article originally posted October 29, 2012…

This day has been a long time in the making. It was such a special event. So many encouraging words and so much support. In the Presbyterian church, ordination is a serious event. Jason had to complete his Masters of Divinity, pass a number of extensive tests in our presbytery, and learn to pilot a double engine jet. Okay maybe not, but it was a long, long road getting here. In the pictures, you will see a worship service with the purpose of ordaining Jason. Men spoke, prayed, prayed over Jason, asked Jason questions, and in the end, Jason gave his first benediction. It was such a joyous day. Friends and family filled the room for the event. It was truly such a great evening.

At the very end of the evening, I was standing on the stage taking pictures with family. I asked if our church family from Westside Church could come up for a picture. I stood there as people came from the reception that was happening in the back. As people kept coming, my heart just filled with joy. Week after week, Jason is challenging us all to step outside our comfort zone. He’s challenging us to love and befriend those around us. Facing the challenge of beginning a new church together connects your hearts in a new way. My heart was full as we filled the stage together. And now, this band of people finally has an ordained pastor. Thank you so much Jen Lints for capturing the evening so well! PRAISE BE! Here is the evening in pictures ending with Westside Church.