Mundane Faithfulness Podcast #2: Just Show Up (with Heather)

Good news! Our request to have the Mundane Faithfulness Podcast available in iTunes has been approved; subscribe now!

This week Jill and I invited Heather to the studio to discuss the introduction and Chapter One of Just Show Up. As Jill and Heather shared their hearts, I kept thinking, I can’t believe these women are my friends and love me! They are so amazing and godly! I am truly blessed, and I hope you will be, too, as you listen to their wisdom. Jill and Heather had so many beautiful things to share that we ran over; Part Two will be posted in iTunes later in the week. I just regret that Heather’s and my duet whistling “Just Fly Away” did not make it to the finished podcast, although I don’t think Heather is as sad as I am!

We would like to discuss Kara’s questions at the end of Chapter One as a community; we realize not everyone has read the book yet, but please don’t let that discourage you from participating. Please feel free to comment here on the blog, or if you would like discussion and interaction, join us in our conversation on the MFC page on Facebook.

  1. The first step in showing up is answering the question, Who? Who do you know who is currently suffering and you want or need to show up for? You may know right away. Then again, you may not be sure. If it’s not clear, ask God to bring that person’s name or face to your thoughts, and trust your thoughts when they come.
  2. Once you’ve got that person’s face in mind, what fears or anxieties do you have about showing up for them? You may not have a long list, but there will always be one or two…The most important thing at the outset is to name those fears because that takes away some of their power.