More than Anything

We have received so much wonderful, helpful feedback about our upcoming series on community. You have left comments, sent emails, and posted on Facebook deep, hard questions about community. The Mundane Faithfulness team is excited to dive in and discuss these things with you! We have been praying so, so much about this series and entering this with all of you friends.

I think about community so much these days that I seem to have this funny community filter—everything is processed through the idea of community. When Jeremy preached on Sunday about the part in the Sermon on the Mount about asking God for our heart’s desire, I thought, Hmmm. How does this pertain to community and our heart’s desire for community? As I’ve prepared for my sisters’ visit next week, I’ve wondered how to incorporate my community in our plans. When Marcia Carole tells me stories of her trips around the world making StoryRopes™ with hurting women, I wonder if we can figure out how to do StoryRopes™ with the women in our local community.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a friend I haven’t met, Becca Mizell. She told me about a post I wrote before Kara went Home—how I had realized that I was praying more for deliverance for Kara than the Deliverer. She and her husband were compelled to write a song about our need for wanting Jesus more than anything else. The song is beautiful and I’ve listened to it a hundred times. Just the chorus itself:

help me want the healer
more than the healing
help me want the savior
more than the saving
help me want the Giver
more than the giving
oh help me want you Jesus
more than anything

And as I organize my thoughts for writing about community, I am struck—do I want community more than I want Jesus? Do I expect community to satisfy needs only God can? I am not sure that is the case, but I don’t want it to be. I want to want our Gatherer more than gathering. Will you pray this for me and the MF team as we start this series? More than we need your questions and ideas, we need your prayers. Please pray that we want Jesus more than anything.